Suite for Three Trumpets – Tomasi

Earlier in the semester, I mentioned that Henri Tomasi wrote a Suite for Three Trumpets. This piece has been newly recorded on a new album by French trumpeter Erik Au Bier, famous for being the first player to record Chayes’ Concerto No. 1. The album is titled Erik Au Bier Plays Henri Tomasi. For the recording, Au Bier is joined by French trumpeters Frederic Mallardi and Alexandre Bati. The CD also includes Fanfare Litergiques, Tomasi’s landmark brass ensemble composition. The liner notes from the album are as follows:

In 1964, Tomasi composed his Suite for three trumpets, whose title owes nothing to a neoclassical pastiche. The first movement is a Habanera overlaying two elements, one marked by the rhythm of the dance, the other referencing, with its flexibility and melodic design, the servants’ theme of Pénélope in Ulysse ou le beau périple (1961). The tight dialogue between the three instruments comes forth as a limpid counterpoint, a synthesis of seduction and density of thought. The Lento Égéen, swathed in modal colours, is made up of three voices, whose subject passes from one to the other with slight variations. The Danse bolivienne is an incisive toccata where its principal melodic line is underscored with a subtly varied rhythmic ostinato.

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2 Responses to Suite for Three Trumpets – Tomasi

  1. Dave says:

    I don’t mean to rain on your parade but Aubier was not the first to record the Chaynes. I don’t know who is exactly but I know that Maurice Andre recorded it on an album with the Tomasi concerto before he did.

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